Lubuski Centre for Innovation and Agricultural Implementation of State School of Higher Vocational Education in Sulechów


- solutions for horticulture and gardening
- experimental vineyard
- professional support food processing processes
- comprehensive laboratory analysis


In the nursery part Lubuski Centre for Innovation and Agricultural Implementation (LCIAI) offers: two-chamber greenhouse with climate computer control system and fully automatic control panel, equipped, among others with floodplain tables system, high-pressure fogging system, micro-sprinkling, plant material lighting, shading system and temperature and humidity sensors, plastic tunnels and plant sections with water management system, fertigation management and fully automatic control panel (e.g. various irrigation systems)

Co-operation offer:
• research on the production of plant material
• own vineyard and winery is to support local vintners and winemakers reviving the winemaking traditions in lubuski region


The technological part of LCIAI consists of food processing technological lines in semi-industrial scale and includes the following laboratories: dairy (cheese making and cottage cheese), baking, winemaking, brewing, meat processing, ready-made food, fruits and vegetables.

Co-operation offer and scope of services:
- technological and production tests in semi-industrial scale (micro)
- research in the field of assessing the quality of raw material and its suitability for processing,
- technological processes research in food processing and searching for new solutions in the subject,
- research on improving the production quality,
- carrying out activities for standardization and production economics (analysis of raw material, semi-finished and finished products),
- training and consultancy in the field of food processing


The laboratory part of LCIAI provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the composition and microbiological safety of raw materials, semi-finished and finished food products. It consists of:
• molecular biology laboratory,
• laboratory of electrophoretic techniques,
• laboratory of gas and liquid chromatography,
• spectrometry laboratory,
• laboratory of other instrumentation analysis,
• microbiological laboratory.

Co-operation offer and scope of services:
The section provides a wide range of LCIAI offer in terms of:
• qualitative and quantitative determination (HPLC) of various compounds, e.g.: benzoic acid, sorbic acid, tartaric acid, acetic acid and other organic acids, aspartame , acesulfame, histamine and other amines and amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, colourants, sugars, alcohols, mycotoxins, aromatic hydrocarbons, metabolites formed in bioprocesses, peptide profile in cheese making and many others,
• determination by GC method of such compounds as: metabolites formed during bioprocessing, fatty acids, essential oils, pesticide residues, lower alcohols, hydrocarbons, etc.,
• spectrometry laboratory offers the possibility of determining macro (calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.) and micro (iron, manganese, selenium, chromium) elements and heavy metals in samples of biological and mineral origin (soils, plants, etc.)
• within the microbiology and molecular biology laboratory it is possible: to determine the total number of microorganisms, the number of molds, yeasts, to detect pathogenic staphylococci, to detect Listeria, Salmonella, Shigelli, etc.,
• the presence of other pathogens by conventional methods and PCR, GMO content,
• and in addition: determining the energy value of products, content of amino nitrogen, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals and other elements (atomic absorption), color tests, products texture tests etc.,

The analytical capabilities of LCIAI, in terms of physiochemical, biochemical and microbiological parameters, allow for performing the full spectrum of indications required by standards and procedures related to quality control for: water, plant and animal fats, milk and dairy products, meat and cured meat, vegetables and fruits , beer, wine and soft drinks.

For whom?

It is the first center of its kind in Lubuskie Voivodship, unique on a national scale. Its creation purpose is to increase the competitiveness of lubuski region companies on national and European level by their access to scientific achievements in the field of horticulture, gardening, plant material production and food processing. Access to the latest technologies and scientific data in the field of advanced analytics of LCIAI is mainly dedicated to SMEs.

What for?

Research works of LCIAI focus on the following objectives:
• searching for new products,
• modification of existing products,
• improving the quality of the products already manufacture,
• creation of a service research unit for SMEs,
• support for entrepreneurs in solving problems arising in the production,
• raising the level of production by implementing new organizational solutions and new technologies, which should lead to innovation and knowledge transfer to the economy.

You are welcome to co-operate!

Lubuski Ośrodek Innowacji i Wdrożeń Agrotechnicznych Sp. z o.o. Kalsk 122, 66-100 Sulechów
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone/Fax +48 68 353 46 63
The nursery and vineyard part: +48 68 353 46 52
The technological and analytical part: +48 68 353 48 65

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